In 2003-2004, we purchased the Shim Balance System (SBS). It is a patented process which measures and eliminates pronation through custom shim inserts for boots, shoes or skates. The SBS shims are available in 12 different angles and the process is quick and inexpensive. The SBS system can improve your performane by decreasing muscle tension, improving your balance and eliminating strain from your joints. Ski better to the best of your ability with better balance.


Correct alignment is needed for a proper lateral stance. When the body is out of balance it is extremely difficult if not impossible to perform the simplest ski maneuver; therefore your body alignment is crucial for good efficient skiing. The SBS puts you in correct alignment.


If an optimal foot to ski response is desired, a custom footbed is needed. We offer this service in the afternoon / evening by appointment. Please inquire.

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